About Us

We are privately owned and specialty distributor in Taipei, Taiwan. We primarily deal with biotechnology products by acting as the agent for over 2,500 domestic pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and R&D agencies by serving high-quality health nutrients and operating in a professional service spirit and the pharmacy channel. The main marketing channels are distributors and self-operated channels. They cover medical centers, regional hospitals, district hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies through the marketing teams. Marketing network spreads throughout Taiwan's hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.


“Integrity" is the only measure and "say it is done" is more important than anything ... "3N, 3G, 4G." 3N - New Material, new formulation, new sign to develop new ingredients, new formulas, and new features, through which R&D of creative ideas enhances the value of superior products.
3G - GAP (Good Agriculture Practice), GMP (Good Manufacture Practice), and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) system to rigorous manufacturing standards for the quality benchmark and scientific evidence, which enhance and meet consumer demand for the safe and secure product.
4G - Good science, good quality, good product, and good price adopts rigorous and correct scientific logic, based on the latest biotechnology research, strict quality control of safety standards, scientifically proven methods, development of superior products, and education on public health.
We integrate international marketing channels for the medical biotechnology industry system to provide the most appropriate medical services and products to enhance the quality of medical services and public health. 
Through years of relevant industry experience and analysis of future business strategies, we are convinced that professional and flexible management of market dynamics will surely create a healthy business totem.

Mission and Vision

JCR Biotech Co., Ltd aims to continuously improve technology and develop medical biotechnology to provide consumers with multiple drug delivery routes and convenience options to enhance their compliance with the use of drugs. It is willing to provide a professional and technical platform to offer professional technical advice and services for doctors, pharmacists, and medical teams on pharmaceuticals.

Our Advantage

Product Variety
We deliver a variety of products to diverse business segments, including generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for the pharmaceutical segment, medical & diagnostic devices as well as medical supplies to hospital segment, while also develop, manufacture, and market healthcare products as well as nutraceuticals to consumer healthcare segment
Large Customer Base
The customer base includes big, small and medium-sized public and private hospitals as well as clinics across the country
Sales & Marketing Team
As part of the long-term strategy, we attempt for the in-depth understanding of the characteristics of regional demand, from distribution to production and marketing as a “one-stop service center”. The main advantage is a broad marketing and sales team operating in the hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies

Our Services

Major Supplies
Medical products, health products, and others
We Work with Hospitals, Clinics, and Related Medical Institutions. The main branches include Cardiology, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Infection, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Plastic Surgery, and Emergency Departments. We Cooperate with each Business segment to Organize Seminars in The large and medium-sized hospitals across the country to promote the business